Feb 7, 2016

Tip : Design Center

There will be many common items used across multiple disciplines to unify and streamline drawings as per an organization’s standards. A good folder system can do the job but AutoCAD has a built in library where you can add blocks, line types, layouts etc.  as per requirement which serves the purpose well and it’s called Design Center.

Design Centre is powerful tool for maintain quality and consistency of drawings for projects. Instead of making complicated DCL programs you can easily arrange commonly used blocks, layers, dimstyles, text styles in dwg file and save it in a common folder. The drag and drop system make drafting easier.

First of all Create a folder named “Standards” in your server (so all designers can access that folder) in that folder you can create standard cad files (it is better to create separate cad files for each type of drawings). Advantage is if we update any changes in standard file it reflects to all designers who accessing through design center.

Open a drawing and type command: DC then design center pop up window will open. Browse standard file in tree view and select "Standards” file we created. Click “+” sign to expand. Click block in design center window and you will be able to see the preview for all blocks. Now you can easily drag and drop blocks or layers in to the drawing.

Commands: DC, ADC or Cntr+2

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Dec 15, 2015

Cadlispandtips Data Bank

After giving much needed thought i have decided to provide a common sharing platform for the lisp files.

So i have created a folder in Google drive for cad lisp and tips.
Please find attached the link below and on clicking the link you will be directed to your Google drive account (for users with Google account).

Once you are in the Google drive there will be a button on the top right corner saying "Add to drive”.

Click on that button and the common shared folder will be added to your Google drive.

Nov 15, 2015

Blk : MTO Friendly Column & Footing Block

To get the quantities of items, we use data extraction tool. But we all know that it’s not possible to get volume from a 2D drawing. So Column and Footing block along with the data extraction tool makes it possible. Column and Footing is basically attributes blocks with field and formulas and it can be easily “saved as”  to create a new  size foundation and column block. With the AutoCAD data extraction tool (no need any VBA application or other software). It is able to extract volume and reinforcement details per column and footing and can be exported to excel format.  To get the total volumes you need to add the “multiply” formula in excel (e.g. count X Volume).

Attached are file samples showing the possibilities of data extraction tool. I prefer all discipline to take a little care while creating blocks, attributes, dynamic and layers as it will save a lot of time for MTO and will bring in more quality in the hard and soft copy.

Extracted Excel Format: