Apr 14, 2016

Tip : Wipeout Frame Selection

If someone is facing problem in selection while wipeout frame is OFF and wipeout is getting selected, make variable FRAMESELECTION “0”. This variable Controls whether the hidden frame of an image, underlay, clipped Xref, clipped point cloud, or wipeout can be selected.

"0"  (Hidden frames cannot be selected.)

"1"  (Hidden frames can be selected.)

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Mar 6, 2016

XLS : Grade Level Calculator

When we need to calculate levels at certain slope ( linearly varying),  it easy to calculate manually instead of using design software. Slope level calculator that is prepared on excel makes it more easier.

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Feb 21, 2016

Lisp : Settingout Table

   Settingout Table Lisp will create a coordinates and elevation table according to the attribute block placed in the drawing.

Steps :
  • Load Setting out Lisp
  • Type Command “CN” to place Increment Coordinate Points

  • If need to create some sub points, Type “CSN” to place Increment Coordinate sub Points. This also allows to create sub points after placing all increment coordinate points.

  •  After placing points type command “CRT” to create Table

  •  Type “A” to select all Points
  • Then Pick a point on your Layout to place table. This will automatically create a table with all coordinates placed under the model space. The coordinates table will automatically create the table with an ascending order.