Jan 2, 2018

Blk : Road Signs Qatar Traffic Manual-2015

As you are aware no road drawings are complete without traffic sign drawings. Provided here are the road signs as per the Qatar Traffic Manual 2015 as dynamic blocks. These blocks have stretch and rotate parameters so that they can be easily arranged in the drawings .To make things easy description of each signs are provided and to access it just double click on the block, so that you don’t need to refer the manual each time.

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Dec 28, 2017

Lisp : Settingout Table

Settingout with Table Lisp help you while creating setting out drawing , It will create a coordinate table and elevation (X,Y,Z) according to the coordinate points placed in the drawing.

Steps :
  • Load Settingout Table Lisp
  • Type Command “CN” to place Increment Settingout Points

  • If need to create some sub points, Type “CSN” to place Increment Settingout sub Points. This also allows to create sub points after placing all increment Settingout points.

  •  After placing points type command “CRT” to create Table

  •  Type “A” to select all Points
  • Then Pick a point on your Layout to place table. This will automatically create a table with all coordinates placed under the model space. The Settingout table will automatically create the table with an ascending order.

Apr 29, 2017

East Facing Vasthu Compliant Home Plan

East facing house plan with 3 bedrooms (1 at ground floor and 2 on first floor) two of them with attached and two common bath. Office and waiting room provided. Long verandah at the east side helps to let in maximum light in the morning. The partition between living and dining has be kept partially open with the intention of providing a scope for a contemporary partitioning. A recreational area is provided at the first floor with an access to the C shaped balcony and a see below to the dining area in the ground floor. Optional Courtyard provided in the living room and pebble court in dining area. The design is done with the intention of allowing maximum light and air circulation to the rooms. Elevation is not provided with this plans as it can be done as per clients tastes(whether contemporary, colonial or traditional).Even though this plan is not fully vasthu compliant major factors of vasthu has been taken into account.

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