Apr 20, 2011

Tip : Tcount & Bcount

 (Autocad Express tools)

       “Tcount” command is used to add sequential numbering to text objects.

  •   Type command "TCOUNT"
  •   Select objects
  •   Sort selection set by (X,Y or Select-Order)
             X = the Numbers increasing by Left to Right.
             Y = the numbers increasing by Top to bottom.
             Select-Order = according to the order in which the text was selected.

  •  Specify Start number and increment (Start , Increment)
             Mention the Start number, and increment value                           
             i.e. If you type 1,2 (1 will be start number and 2 will be increment value)
             For decrement use “-“ sign
  • Placement of numbers in text (Overwrite, Prefix, Suffix, Find & replace)
             Overwrite = Replaces text with numbers.
             Prefix = Add number as a prefix text.
             Suffix = Add number as a suffix text.
             Find & replace = Replaces a user specified text with a number.

   “Bcount” command is used to count the number of blocks in your drawing.

  •   Type command "BCOUNT"
  •   Press Enter to Select all or select objects manually.

           In command line you can able to see the Block names and the total numbers of blocks used in that drawing.

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  1. Increment 0 (Zero) ist not working...