May 30, 2012

Lisp : Import Coordinates

   Import Points Lisp helps you to import points from a TXT file and  It will create a coordinate table according to the coordinate points imported to the drawing.

Steps to run lisp :
  • Download Import Points Lisp Click here...
  • Download Import Points (Annotative) Click here...
  • Load Import Points.
  • Type Command “IMPO” to import Points.
  • Select the TXT file which have the point and coordinate values.

Steps to create point numbered TXT file
  • Create coordinate points in Microsoft Excel in the format of First column (point number) Second column (Easting coordinate) Third column(Northing coordinate).
  • Select the 3 columns and paste to the notepad (it is tab separated format so no need to put comma “,” between the lines).
  • Eg.  01   00000.000   00000.000
  • Download TXT file sample Click here...

Steps to create point named TXT file :
  • The format of first column should contain “ “ (“Name and number”) Second column (Easting coordinate) Third column(Northing coordinate).
  • Select the 3 columns and paste to the notepad .
  • Eg.  “Points-01”   00000.000   00000.000
  • Download TXT file sample Click here.

Steps to create Table :

  • After importing coordinate points type command “CRT” to create Table.
  • Type “A” to select all Points.
  • Once  the points are selected you will be automatically directed to the paper space where you will be prompted to pick a start point to place the table. The table with all coordinates and point names will be placed in an ascending order.


  • It will create new test style “Gen-text”.
  • It will create an attribute block “CRBLK”.
  • It will Place Points in new layer “Coordinate Points”.
  • It will place Table in new layer “Coordinate Table”.
  • It will automatically change “UCS to World” and back to “previous”.
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  1. Hello Bijoy,

    Very useful .LISP
    THanks for sharing. It's just a pity it cannot import the Height coordinate also.


    Luis Pombo (

  2. Thank you for this post. How can I get the data to be put into the exact coordinate I specify, without the circle being there?

    1. To be more specific, I want the text to be located exactly where my coordinates are, and for only the test in column 1 to be displayed, without the marking circle. Thanks, Brendan.

  3. Hello, nice work, you can also enter the Z coordinate?
    One other thing, I had to change the commands with _ to make it work on my language version.
    Thanks! Gianluca

  4. Hi friend help me how i can select all the points.with numbers for excel sheet