Nov 7, 2014

Xls : Vasthu Perimeter Calculator

           Vasthu is an ancient Indian science of architecture and buildings which helps in making a congenial setting or a place to live and work in a most scientific way taking advantage of the benefits bestowed by nature, its elements and energy fields for enhanced wealth, health, prosperity and happiness.

Download Vasthu Perimeter Calculator (Ayadi Calculator) Click here...


Ayadi is a technological application for building design and construction

"Adi-Ay" stands for "to analyze the primal energy "Adi" = "Ayadi" or calculation of wave length and to find positive benefits.

Six Aspects:

  • Ayam = Income
  • Vyayam = Expenditure
  • Yoni = Direction of energy waves
  • Varam = Day of a week
  • Amsam = Quality
  • Nakshathra = Birth Star
Perimeter calculation: 

  • Enter outer to outer wall length and breadth of your house.
  • In Ayadi table the nearest value will be highlighted which then can be compared to the below Ayadi Chart.
  • Make sure all boxes shall be highlighted with green (best) however in the worst cases yellow (middle) can also be used.
Points to be remembered:
  •  Ayam (income) should be higher than Vyayam (expenditure)
  • Bhalam (outcome) should be uthamam or in worst case madhyamam but not adhamam in any case.
  • Age should be youvanam or koumaram.
  • While adjusting values length and width table should be highlighted with green.
Length and Breadth Calculation :
  • Enter inner dimensions of room
  •  The top right side is provided  with length and breadth table and the best case is when the boxes are highlighted in green.
  • The results can compare with below Room size Chart.


  1. Great tool,
    Are you using karamaanam and angulamaanm together ?

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    1. Ok Give some example for 30x50 South side Road.

  3. Thanks a lot. It helped me to compare my vastu arch's caculations

  4. while this may seem to be a handy tool, there are many more ayadi calculations that are required to find a good perimeter for a Vaastu building. Furthermore, the use of intricies of Ayadi and building with ayadi require a great deal of training. If you attempt to use this calculator on an actual project you may cause harm to yourself and the occupant. We are dealing with the physics of energy - don't mess with it. go to if you want to learn vaastu shastras properly.

    1. See drmercay, he don't force anyone to use this.u may proceed with ur business.U need money to get ur service.but Bijoy gives it for free..Nowadays nobody will give like this.Hats off to Bijoy for his good heart.

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  7. Thanks a lot. Excellent work.
    For rooms, only the length and breadth to be calculated? Or the perimeter Chuttu) also?

  8. excellent nice work..bijoy..

  9. Gopakumar AchuthanJune 28, 2017 at 5:47 AM

    Excellent Work Bijoy

  10. It's of great help.. thank you..

  11. Hi Bijoy..Thanks for the effort u made..its excellent..I have a doubt..In all the vasthu calculations they use wall thickness as 24cm.But nowadays we use 20 cm solid concrete bricks.So in the plan what wall thickness has to be drawn..22 cm or 23 cm including plastering as per vasthu..???i am confused.. Pls reply.. :)

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  14. Very nice tool Bijoy. Thanks for sharing it.

  15. Hi bijoy.. Ineed 150*16 m ayadi calculation.. Plz help

  16. . This is made even more obnoxious when the lenders using these criteria also demand verification of income, credit checking, identification and then charge for a survey of the advisor

  17. Hi sir, I want 29*21 feets ayam, vyayam calculation.. please calculate ayadi?

  18. HOUSE LENGTH-42'-6"

    WIDTH 32'-00

  19. How to use this please guide me sir please..

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  22. Friends I am trying to finalise the plan of my house. Is there any who can help me with the sizes.
    Regards, Johns

  23. Sir please give me one example

  24. Thanks for sharing this article here about the Vastu. Your article is very informative and I will share it with my other friends as the information is really very useful. Keep sharing your excellent work.

  25. hi sir , in kerala each district follows a different hasta dimension for example in kollam it is 73.5 cm and in kozhikode it is 71 or 72 so is there a way to entre the kol and viral value in that particular region and then calculate it.....? kindly waiting for your reply

  26. Thanks very much for sharing this awesome tutorial. Please be sure to check out this website

  27. Sir,
    we are constructing house in our village measurement 41x41 is it ok construct or any changes have to make please give some information about this very soon.

  28. Superb work! Thank you very much.