Aug 24, 2015

Blk : Arabic Text

 one of the common problem a cad technician facing  in the middle east is unable to write Arabic words that are used for traffic and informatory sign here is a solution for that the file and you will see whole Arabic alphabets in a block form.there are two types of blocks used 

a.Dynamic block

For dynamic block click on the visibility parameter and select desired letter  and copy it to left side and select next letter etc.

b.Normal block

For normal blocks copy and arrange letters from the grid. its easy just pick and arrange the alphabets as it is to form a word and after completion of the word explode it.

its also useful for people without Arabic background and very easy for guys who can write Arabic.This being a cad file and doesn't need any installation, can be a solution for the missing font issue as its not common that all users have Arabic fonts installed in their system.

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